During the past week, there appeared a fabulous trio wearing the Goop collection G. Label in a charismatic manner. This luminous trio was leaded by, Gwyneth Paltrow, the patron saint of radiance. She posted a photo of herself along with her actress mother Blythe Danner and her 16 years old daughter Apple.

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The Radiant Moments

The three generations all worn the recently released attires of Groop collection G. Label while posing. The vibrant Gwyneth chose a polka dot skirt and crop top set and her comely mother opted dropped waist pink frock. While the sunshine of Gwyneth, Apple was slaying in a pert, strapless white polka dot dress.

3 Generations- All In One Frame

From the pictures, it is found that these clothes are made to deliver from one generation to the other. Goop showed its concerns regarding this newly released stuff on its website. According to Goops, “there prevails an emotional association while passing on the clothes to coming generations. Almost every mother possesses a delightful dress which she wants to bestow to her daughter. In the same way, there is a dress in every mother’s closet which her daughter wants to own. And this is how the bond between them becomes stronger by sharing their attires.”

Viewers found Gwyneth Paltrow to exhibit a gesture of practicing this emotional linkage through dressing the same as that of her mother and daughter. The three ladies were looking super cool in the lighter outfits made by Goops. Through their shoot, they have delivered a nice message of inter-generational sharing to their fans and followers.

Cover Photo Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

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