A former California police officer who became known as the notorious Golden State Killer said. He was “truly sorry” before he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole on Friday.

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., generally known as the ‘Golden State Killer’, was condemned on Friday. To life in jail without the chance of parole by a Sacramento County judge. For killing 13 individuals and raping dozens during the 1970s and ’80s.

“When a person commits monstrous acts they need to be locked away where they could never harm another innocent person”. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman said.

Before he was condemned, DeAngelo rose from a wheelchair, removed his mask, and addressed the court.

“I listened to all your statements, each one of them, and I’m truly sorry for everyone I’ve hurt,” he said.

Specialists designed another strategy for DNA matching, making a genealogical record going back to the 1800s to recognize him as a suspect. Analysts followed him and gathered a bit of waste he had discarded, finding a similar DNA recouped from a few crime scenes.

Prosecutors said on Friday that this strategy has since been utilized to clear up about 100 more crimes.

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton noticed the fearlessness and quality of victims. Who approached to share their accounts of the torture they faced.

“Over four decades — that’s a long time to wait for justice to be served — finally we have arrived at that day,” Becton said. “The day when those who have waited so very long will hear that Joseph DeAngelo will now serve the rest of his life behind bars.”

She thanked the court for giving DeAngelo the most extreme sentence allowed.

“The serious and the gravity of the offenses, the psychological harm, the pain, and the brutality of these offenses require nothing less than the imposition of the maximum sentence. The victims must be assured that Mr. DeAngelo will never, ever walk this Earth again as a free man.”

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