According to new research of King’s College London, post-menopausal women are more likely to have COVID-19 or get severe coronavirus infection. This study is based on about 600,000 women in the United Kingdom. They found that 22% of post-menopausal women have COVID-19 symptoms than women who still have their working menstrual cycles or periods. These postmenopausal women are hospitalized and more likely to need respiratory support because they have a severe symptomatic infection.

Role of HRT Drugs

A study also reveals that the HRT drugs are really effective to boost up the immunity system and lessens the symptoms of COVID-19. These HRT drugs contain artificial estrogen, a hormone that helps to delay menopause. Other than that, women who take contraceptive capsules that contain a large amount of estrogen also have the least chances to suffer from COVID-19.

Role of Estrogen in Women

Estrogen is a female reproductive hormone that regulates the female reproductive cycle. With the aging amount of estrogen decreases gradually and vanishes in postmenopausal women. Postmenopausal women have usually less immunity than premenopausal females.

Estrogen Makes Women Prune to COVID-19

According to Dr. Ricardo Costeira, estrogen protects women against COVID-19. Because of this, diseases related to coronavirus infection named MERS impose an extra threat to men instead of women. “It is understood that females usually mount greater inflammatory, antiviral, and humoral immune responses than their opposite gender,” the authors compose.

Normally, women attain menopause at the age of 50-55. The data collected by the experimenters are from 44,000 post-menopausal women who have no longer their periods for the previous five years. They correlated the information to 108,000 pre-menopausal women who still retain their normal periods.

The outcomes demonstrated that 22% of post-menopausal women have COVID-19 symptoms. Similarly, post-menopausal women were 4% hospitalized, and 60% of them require respiratory aid. Still, this study was not disclosed in a medical journal.

How Estrogen protects women from COVID-19?

Study indicates that females have a powerful reaction to viral diseases as compared to males. The motive behind it is based mostly on chromosomes, reproductive organs, and sex hormonal phases. Commonly, women possess a greater antiviral immune response rather than men during viral diseases, containing SARS-CoV-2, virus which causes COVID-19. According to specialists, estrogen can impact immune system purposes.

The estrogen levels may fluctuate during the menstrual cycle, but its level significantly increases during pregnancy and lowers after menopause in women. According to scientists, the reduction of sex hormones mainly as estrogen, because of aging, could lessen immune capacity in women.

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