In this current era, the whole continent acts as a trend, there is a thriving desire to connect with fashion, African tradition also takes a major part in becoming a trend. The African designers such as LVMH champion and co-producer of Homecoming held the fiesta that is proud of itself on “introducing the world to Africa and Africa to the world.”

Ladoja explained that there must be a focus on Africa and we have to learn from the people who participated in the African cultural introduction except for the UK or elsewhere. A mainland with 1.3 billion population, 54 countries, and have 200 million Nigerians, and most of them are under 30 years of age and it has several articles to relate globally. The Nigerians are moving to be the in-charge of history. They have a bright future. The festival has received a tremendous status for setting fashionableness in its third year, create fame on the map through its marts, workshops, and live events in Lagos, and Nigeria. The designer is proud that, despite this epidemic and lockdown, Homecoming is still being able to give its platform fascinating new representatives from the continent on this Brown fashion. This fashion is about authorization, platforming, equivalency, possession, and education.

Many designers supported by Homecoming from the previous three years and they have gained tremendous success. Most of the famous outfits have body-skimming leather designs. The designers claimed them a platform and said that they just want to role people in the perfect spot. They added this year’s cooperation with Browns will encourage them to introduce this multitalented new generation or youth of designers to an international audience.

Other than shopping, this festivity is also a marketplace of brilliant ideas. Browns will host a regional-version, a partnership between many of magazines that directing Nigeria’s cultural discussion, including music and fashion.

All-around, this festival is a testament for new young designers who are taking Africa’s creative style record into the possibility. Most of the designers have their own qualities, but if there is a ‘trend’ on the world, then these designer’s styles will be reinvented, modernized, and changed by the next generation. This new generation reversing fashion and molding old traditions with the modern.

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