Carly Fiorina, is an American businesswoman, politician, and philanthropist, to the people who are striving in their lives, Carly is a true motivation for all of them. I am privileged to say that Carly Fiorina, a successful business figure once started as a secretary.

65 years old Carly Fiorina, started her first full-time job at Palo Alto, California in 1976. “I expended my time greeting visitors, answering phones, typing memos,” she says. “But I was really dedicated towards the job, arriving early, and leaving late.”

A business career at AT&T and Lucent

After four years in 1980, Carly joined AT&T as a management trainee and her job is selling telephones services to big agencies. In 1995, Carly appointed as head of cooperating operations for Lucent Technologies, Inc., a spin-off from AT&T. she played a key role in stocks and company strategies due to which Spin-off become one of the most successful IPOs of American history who raised US$3 billion.

Later this success she was appointed as President of Lucent’s consumer production sector. When she left the company, Lucent’s stock price grew 10 fold. “My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled,” said Carly Fiorina

Business Leadership

From that modest start, she becomes the first female chief executive of a Fortune 50 company. This is an accomplishment in itself to be the Chief Executive of almost 50 largest firms of The United States. This occurred in 1999 when, aged 44, she was appointed to the top job at computer group Hewlett-Packard represented as hp.

Career at HP

In 2001, she had to face loads of criticism over merging hp and rival Compaq. When the merger between HP and Compaq went ahead in 2002, it was the biggest ever in the technology sector at the time and created the world’s largest merchant of personal computers. HP board is unhappy about profit and sale prices. As things not getting better, she resigned from HP in 2005 over disagreements with her board members. Carly Fiorina’s severance pay package was reported worth $21 Million.

“This world is clearly emerging back of our eyes. The shifts ahead, the opportunities ahead are massive.” Said Carly Fiorina.

Political Events

If leading HP wasn’t enough of a battle, Fiorina stepped into politics for a decade from 2006. After working for John McCain, she went on to stand as the Republican candidate in the 2010 US Senate election in California but lost out to the Democratic Party incumbent.

“The truth is, I’m proud of the life I’ve lived so far, and though I’ve made my share of mistakes, I have no regrets.” Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, as Philanthropist

Fiorina is the CEO of the Fiorina Foundation, a charity Foundation, which has donated to causes including Care-a-Van for Kids, a transportation program to aid seriously ill children, and the African Leadership Academy, an educational institution in South Africa. The foundation ‘enables corporations, entrepreneurs, spokeswomen, and philanthropists alike to address some of the world’s most challenging issues,’ according to Fiorina’s Web site,”

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