The National Police Agency said Wednesday it had arrested a British man and moved him to the indictment on charges that he illegally recorded Korean women through hidden digital cameras and circulated the recordings through his websites.

The man, who headed out to Korea from August 9 to August 18 in 2018, drew closer and spoked with Korean women on streets close to the Hongik University and Itaewon and recorded the women without assent by utilizing pinhole hidden cameras.

The man uploads the video clip on the site he ran named “”.

He engaged in sexual relations with women in hotels and flats. He recorded the video clips and then sold those video clips to the website’s premium membership holders for $27 per video per person, Police says.

Officials said that 10 women in Korea had been recorded without their permission, the man is accepted to have carried out these violations in different nations and regions including Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Police started an examination in September 2019 after media reports of the episode. At that point, examiners requested an Interpol red notification on the man as he had just left Korea.

The man was captured by police in Denmark in November a year ago and take him to Korea on July 31.

“We are expanding our investigation into paid subscribers of the website operated by the suspect,” an official said.

Police have increased determination to get serious about digital sex violations since March, setting up an exceptional examination central station following the purported “Nth room” case that incited incredible open public anger.

Police have inspected 1,299 sex crime cases as of Aug. 7 and captured 174 individuals.

“As we are active in cooperating with Interpol, those who fled overseas … can be extradited for trial in Korea,” the officer said.

“Illicit filming of women has consistently occurred, but most criminals have been punished by a fine or a suspended jail term,” authority from the Gyeonggi Province Women’s Group Association said.

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