The story of Kimberlee Perry shows that all her life, she’d invested in sports, interacting with new people, being friends with them, and having too much connection with people.

She plans a fitness startup with few trampolines having £200 in the account balance, now expanding to £3 Million annual turnovers last year.

Kimberlee is originally from Australia, and there is a very sporty culture in this piece of land. Later on, she came to London when she was 18 and joined a netball club to make friends.

“You need to connect with other people, it makes you feel good,” says Kimberlee Perry.

In 2014, Kimberlee was on maternity leave and moved to the Essex Town of Harlow along with his Husband. As she is always been through social interaction, a sudden shift from one place to another left her lonely. Postnatal Depression adds more to her condition, she felt alienated in Harlow. She barely knows anyone in Harlow and all people she interacted with are mothers and babies.

This inspires Kimberlee, 35 years old sparkling lady, to startup Bounce. Kimberlee found there were no fitness clubs and culture of the mental and physical wellbeing of new mothers. The gym culture is a bit intimidating for some women and it was a male-dominating realm. Moreover, if a new mother comes to the fitness club, what about their newly born child? Who will take care of them?

Another reason behind her startup was she had missed out on her promotion. Because new tasks required climbing the ladder as a massive priority which is difficult for her in the maternity period. So she decided to set up her Bounce later that year, investing £200.

“I wanted to feel good about myself – as a new mum you spend hours, most of the day and night on your own. So Bounce became a fusion of everything I needed in my life at the time – fitness, connections, and fun.” Said, Kimberlee Perry

Kimberlee already had a dance background, after her baby, she started working hard getting some fitness instruction credentials. Soon she was coaching classes at a local gym, where she came up with the explicit idea for Bounce. Here present you the success of the company in 6 years. Before pandemic lockdowns, Bounce grows to have 47,000 monthly customers across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Bounce is mostly trusted by women, where they can bring their kids and leave them in prams while they do the class. The whole drive of its dance classes on trampolines was to physically bring people together, especially new mothers who felt alienated in small towns.

To date, the bounce is one of the successful startups in the fitness industry as Kimberlee trained more than 700 instructors, has 320 franchises in the UK and 20 abroad. The business enjoyed an annual turnover of £3 million last year.

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