Outdoor air pollution causes a significant increase in seasonal strokes. A recent study conducted by researchers at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has found a profound link between the temporary onset of air pollution and stroke in Ireland.

Factors Contributing to Stroke

There is a range of meteorological factors that are actually responsible for giving birth to a stroke. These mainly include temperature and humidity. Researchers have now found that an abrupt increase in air pollution has doubled the number of hospitalized people facing stroke in Dublin.

Ireland has a relatively low content of pollution in its air. This reality fact has introduced the need to eliminate air pollution to bring down cases of stroke.

How Air Pollution Reaches Optimum Level

During the winter season, air normally becomes denser as molecules come close to each other. However, it is found that in Dublin, the air becomes concentrated due to the high ratio of oxides of sulfur, nitrogen, and related particles. This boom in air pollution is usually resulted from excessive burning of fossil fuels and running diesel engine.

The link between Air Pollution and Stroke

Researchers have depicted that nearly 10,000 people in Ireland suffer from strokes every year. The available evidence of the research suggests declining the activities of burning solid fuel to reduce this number of affected folks. In this regard, the Government should ban scorching natural and artificial elements to run the automobiles.

Side Effects of Air Pollution

Outdoor air pollution is recorded harmful enough to cause millions of premature deaths every year. As per the stance of the World Health Organization, air pollution causes almost one-third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and heart diseases. No matter how much cozy area we live and how many shelters we build, we cannot prevent ourselves from air pollution. Numerous invisible micro pollutants reside in our atmosphere, capable of penetrating inside the body. These pollutants then easily damage our vital organs and cause respiratory and circulatory sickness.

Air pollution leads towards Climate Change

Air pollution gives the foundation to climate change by helping it to set its niche. In this entire procedure, fossil fuels play an integral role. Since leads to air pollution, hence the more we will burn them the more air will get polluted and the earlier we will welcome the drastic climatic conditions.

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