Self-determination has helped all the successful people to achieve higher. It has nothing to do with age and family background. It’s the encoded trait within someone to excel. It was the main factor that pushed a 16 years old young boy, Umar Cassim to expand his business.

He is considered as a Young Entrepreneur. He believes in taking the plunge in the ocean of opportunities. Starting in his 14, as a shoe sneakers seller at his School Corridor, he used to sell sneakers to local sneaker holders. Over time, he becomes able to create a huge social network. He gained a large fan following on Instagram in the fashion Niche. It is when he gets the uphill for his business.

His transformation from sneakerhead to social media marketer leads him to invest in his own business. By gaining enough virtual market prestige, he started his venture at the age of 16. He stopped selling the shoes and started working on the online presence of his viewers. He invested enough money to purchase and offer gifts to the audience for gaining more followers. His initial investment was entirely over the social media campaign to gain vibrant customers within his effective social network. He creates draws on Instagram where he gives sneakers to the people who meet the criteria of the draw.

His Social media marketing is not only limited to Instagram but expanded to TikTok and Youtube Channel. He is promoting fashion through his social network. Mostly he used his account to spread the shoe videos for the sneakerheads.

The Young boy Umar Cassim is fond of teamwork and likes to work with the potential people. He found it magical to work with people of the same mental compatibility. With his work experience, he found it entirely useless to take shortcuts. The Young boy is flourishing its business day by day. His areas of Interest are E-Commerce and Real Estate industry in which he wants to excel more.

With a strategic approach and Self-determination, one can achieve higher in their lives.

Cover Photo Credit: Umar Cassim/Instagram

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