The entrepreneurial world is not as easy to survive as it seems to be smooth and lucrative. Not everyone could be a successful entrepreneur. It is not only about transforming the ideas into reality but to execute skills and creativity. Skill development is all which can ensure progress. It is far more important while doing business. Many of the beginners could not go farther in the Business setup due to a lack of exceptional skills.

Here are the examples of successful Entrepreneurs which is paramount for the Entrepreneurs in 2020.

Kevin Leyes:

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of the famous group of companies “Leyes Entreprises”. He is also the founder of “leyes Media” which is the social marketing agency extending its domains in public relations also. The worthy purpose of this agency is to help the influencers and entrepreneurs to create their own substantial social and digital media presence.

With its recently developed app called “Ayudar”, Leyer Enterprises has connected the donors, volunteers, NGOs with the needy people. Due to his exceptional skills and business management, he has been awarded as the youngest official member of Forbes Business council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

John Lee:

John Lee is the CEO of wealth Dragon Group PLC. He is also running the largest e-learning platform to train young entrepreneurs. His Journey of entrepreneurship starts from his early 20’s and he becomes a self-millionaire by 27. He has international prestige as a speaker and has a shared stage with many promising personalities of the world. His journey and exceptional experience as an entrepreneur have been published in many famous magazines of the world such as Sunday Times, The Wall Street Journal, Edge, The BBC, etc.

Tai Lopez

To a dozen Million businesses, Tai Lopez is an advisor and partner of the enterprises due to his exceptional approach. His book Club and Podcast which was majorly on wealth, love, happiness, Contentment has shared wisdom and advice to Millions of people in many countries. He is also owning the “Mentor Box”, the largest Shipping Club in the world.

Dan Lock:

Dan Lock is the Young Entrepreneur, the consultant, and the Global speaker. He has millions of followers on YouTube and the same are the viewers. He has gained prestige in Internet Marketing. His journey wasn’t easy and full of failures but his determination led him to success.

All of the Entrepreneurs can seek inspiration from all of them to survive in the Entrepreneurial world

Cover Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

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