Most people do not think that investing in stocks is bad but some entrepreneurs expressed that they feel bullish on stocks and economy. They think investing in stocks might flush your money in the toilet. Some entrepreneurs said that they will never buy individual stock in the future for themselves or my clients. Some of the reasons why!


Investing in stock is always a risk. When you invest in equities it means you are on market risk. It means if a market does poorly, almost all equities do poor including your stock. If you invest in individual stock it means even if the market is doing well your stock can still lack. You will never be in a situation to take advantage of long term market trends. Once your stock sinks, it is not good for your portfolio.


Investing in stocks required a lot of research, keen observation on market conditions, and financial reports. Besides risk, you have to spend maximum hours pouring out industrial research. It is an anxious and time taking task to do. If you do invest in the individual stock, get ready to ride it out on a long heave.

Hunches without homework make you loss

It is true that many people make money on an individual stock. For every dollar they make, if they invest more dollars on the bases of their haunches – 9 out of 10 people end up with a greater loss. Because hunches do not buy launches.


Entrepreneurs suggested that investing as the market strengthens and only your experience makes sense to develop the method of “take the market’s temperature.” If you want to invest your money, do not put all eggs in one basket. You have to search for the safest multiple streams. Of course, no method is ideal with 100% perfection, every method has its pros and cons. But do some homework and try to grow your money with sustainable methods- avoid terrible losses.

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