WhatsApp has been used for a long time by millions of users. It is liked by its users while chatting and calling. The best feature of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption. It keeps data private and secure.

But, the fact is that WhatsApp has to face problems nowadays. Million of its users are affected due to its capability of sending or receiving messages.

These issues were resolved fastly but, with more than two billion users on the service, even the ephemeral of outages can hook a colossal number of people.

There, Tracking website Down Detector manifested what emerged to be a universal outage on Tuesday evening.

As the messaging app popped up to have wrecked. Hiccups were peculiarly engrossed in Europe and Brazil, but that is probably to be a reason for where perky users are most presumably to be established.

According to issues, their conversation seems to be loaded, new messages were unable to be sent within those chats. Their error occurred.

There Few preceding WhatsApp blackout has been escorted by issues at Facebook and Instagram, likely because they share substratum. But those services started their work properly as normal.

Facebook Messenger services provide updates to their users regarding services.

But on the other hand, far from other Facebook-owned applications, WhatsApp doesn’t update their users and developers on any issues with its service. Therefore users are unaware of getting solutions to their problems.

Even though, the company has allocated its Twitter account under the name of WhatsApp status. But, there has not been made use of it since 2014

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