In 2018, Heather Dubrow and her physician husband, Terry Dubrow discovered a diet. It followed a simple aim – “Eat to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless”. It mainly focused on taking an extended break from eating by using the stored fat as fuel. Later on, they named it Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet.   

What is the Keto-Fusion Diet?

This modish diet consists of a 12:8:4 eating schedule- 12 hours of a “fasting”, eight hours of “recharge,” and four hours of “fueling.”

Terry said the program is based on a cyclical ketogenic system. This is combined with a daily window of intermittent fasting. The three parts of the diet include;

o  Fasting: A 12-hour period of fasting where the body uses the glycogen stores in the liver and starts the process of fat burning.

o  Recharge: A ketogenic diet window for eight hours. During this time, dieters can enjoy a relatively low-calorie diet which allows them to extend their period of ketosis.

o  Fueling: Four-hour period that allows us to enjoy a certain type of low glycemic carbohydrates. You can eat fruits and vegetables, which are not allowed on a ketogenic diet. Hence they’re low on the glycemic index, which means they do not culminate blood sugar.

Elements of Dubrow Keto-Fusion Diet

The four-hour window allows you to enjoy lower glycemic fruits like blueberries. They have easy access to carbohydrates that cannot spike blood glucose levels. You could sip coffee, bone broth, and zero-calorie beverages.

Heather states the recommended ketogenic foods for this time can be of higher-fat, lower-protein, and lower-carb. It also includes bacon-wrapped breakfast burgers, bacon hash with soft boiled eggs, spinach salad, and salmon.

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At night, you can refuel yourself with a balanced, low glycemic, carbohydrate-friendly meal. This could mean turkey chili with cauliflower rice, grilled chicken thighs with buttered broccoli and green beans are allowed.

Benefits of Dubrow Keto-Fusion Diet

This diet plan gives the benefits of both the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. It encourages weight loss, improvement in cholesterol level, hemoglobin, and metabolic fitness. The body goes into the state of self-renewal with fasting. The food that you eat every four hours, is utilized to clean up the cells, instead of using your metabolic processes and energy to break down.

During the ketogenic phase, where you’re prolonging ketosis. You may get the benefits of ketosis by using fat, not sugar, as fuel. No sugar means no insulin. If there’s no insulin, then it does not convert the excess sugar to fat. It’s full of the benefits without offering any challenge. You enjoy energy all the time without feeling hungry.


This diet plan is suitable for anyone who wants to lose any amount of weight. It is perfect for the one who is not interested in restrictive food choices. However, to consult with your doctor before choosing any diet plan or the Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet is a compulsion to be followed.

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