A U.S. Air Force F-16CM fighting jet on a standard training task falls down. This Tuesday night at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, base authorities said. The pilot was later declared dead, the authorities said. The Pilot was the only person in the jet, they said.

The authorities on the base say, it was approximately 11:30 pm, June 30th, 2020 the jet crashed at the Shaw Air Force Base. The emergency response authorities are on the crashing site. The details about the crash are still unknown. The announcement of reasons for crashing is still not being declared.

“Emergency crews on the runway at Shaw Air Force Base after an F-16 crashed Tuesday night. The pilot was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment”, JR Berry WLTX tweeted from his official account.

Shaw Air Force Base is home to three squadrons of Block 50 F-16CMs, which have practical experience in the concealment/demolition of adversary air resistances and are regularly alluded to as Wild Weasels because of their one of a kind crucial.

There has not been an official video taken for the crash. A video from an ordinary smartphone camera is going viral on social media. The video can be seen on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube.

The video shows the destruction and flames rising high after F16 crashed on to the Shaw AFB. The rescue teams are responding to this massacre as fast as they could.

The authorities have not disclosed the identity of the pilot on board in the F16 crash. officials said they would not identify the pilot for in any event 24 hours after notifying the next of kin. “Out of respect and consideration for the family, we ask for your patience and to avoid speculation until we release more information,” officials added.

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