Yogurt is one of the healthy bacterial fermented products. It is a complete packet of nutrients which are beneficial for our body. As proteins are crucial to our body hence there will be no wrong to choose yogurt to get them. There are basically two types of yogurt

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Plain Yogurt

Both types of yogurt are nutritious in their own ways. In description below, there is given difference between both of them.


Both types of yogurt are made with the same ingredients, but in different ways. The basic methodology is same and that is to culture milk by bacteria to get yogurt.

Regular yogurt

Regular yogurt is obtained through heating milk and fermenting it by bacteria. Neutral nature of milk is converted into acidic one with 4.5 pH. After it cools down, one can enjoy it by adding fruit or any other supplements. As it has acidic nature, therefore it tastes sour.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is actually formed by straining the regular yogurt in cloth or a bag. Nowadays, we can get the desired texture centrifugally. Straining removes liquids and byproducts as well. It requires more milk to achieve the same volume as that of regular yogurt. The consistency of Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt.

Available nutrients in both yogurts

Both types are distinct from each other in terms of nutrients. Normally, regular yogurt has more content of sugar and carbohydrates than Greek yogurt. Contrarily, Greek yogurt is rich in protein and magnesium. Actually the straining process eliminates calcium and sodium from Greek yogurt.


Greek and regular yogurt share numerous mutual health benefits due to the presence of probiotics and proteins in them.

Probiotics house

Probiotics are bacteria which are mostly found in fermented products like yogurt. They monetize our digestive system and equipoise our gut micro biome. They protect us from inflammation, depression, diarrhea, type 2 diabetes and allergic reactions.

Yogurt is helpful for lactose hypersensitive people

Yogurt is the best option for people with lactose intolerance. Especially, Greek yogurt has less lactose content naturally. Therefore, it is the appealing choice as well.

Protection against cardiac disorders

Yogurt surpasses cardiac disorders like hypertension and high cholesterol level. Many researches have proven that users of yogurt have low risk of heart diseases and blood pressure disorders. Research has also shown that Type 2 Diabetes is too short for those who prefer yogurt. Probiotics assist in lowering cholesterol level by prohibition of certain enzymes.

Yogurt prevents from obesity

Research finds yogurt to lessen body weight, body fat, and weight gain. Yogurt’s probiotics help in lowering fats and weight loss. It maintains the fat metabolism and lessens the calorie intake. Greek yogurt with high proteins keeps our stomach full and protects from overeating. Greek yogurt can be helpful for dips, sauces, and baked materials. On the other hand regular yogurt is best for smoothies, dressings and marinades.


Regular and Greek yogurt are enriched with nutrients to make food healthy. Sweet yogurt causes weight gain, cavities, cardiac disorders, and type 2 diabetes as well. Regular yogurt has high carbs and calcium levels. Greek yogurt is a supreme diet with high proteins. Therefore, we should choose yogurt according to our dietary needs.


Regular and Greek yogurt are both the best healthy diets. They have probiotics which are helpful in digestion and protect from weight gain and various diseases

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