2020 is the year of technology and one of the greatest opportunities for the tech industry. According to the research reports, the tech industry generates 70% more revenue as compared to past years. Technology brands enhanced their services for their users. During Covid-19 more traffic has been observed on different tech brands for their services.

Technology brands generate revenue of about $5 trillion, from 2006 to 2020, which is equal to the GDP of Japan. From this, we can easily understand the value of technology in this modern era. Now here we discuss top brands for the year 2020.


Amazon is one of the big digital market places, provides an opportunity for sellers to sell their products globally, without any restrictions of boundaries. According to BrandZ, generate revenue of about $415,855 million during this year.

2) Apple

Apple is another top brand of the world, designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple generates revenue of $352,206 million during the pandemic of Covid-19

3) Microsoft

Microsoft is another famous brand in the tech industry. Provide its services by developing, manufacturing, licensing, supports, and sells computer software. Generate revenue of $326,544 million,

4) Alibaba

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational technology company providing services in e-commerce and internet technology. Alibaba generates revenue of $152,525 million.

5) Tencent

Tencent is another Chinese multinational company to provide its services related to the internet technology and products, especially services related to artificial intelligence. Tencent generates revenue of $150,978 million.

6) Facebook

Facebook is an American social media corporation that can generate revenue of $147,190 million.

7) AT&T

AT&T is one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, generate revenue of about $105,833 million during Covid-19.

8) Verizon

American telecommunications company offers wireless products and services, generate revenue of $94,662 million.

9) IBM

IBM is one of the world’s largest company, sells and produces computer hardware. ATM is one of the inventions of IBM. It generates revenue of $83.667 million.

10) SAP

SAP is a German multinational software corporation; the company is majorly known for its ERP software. This corporation generates revenue of $57,578 million.


Charter Spectrum is another world-class telecommunication company. According to the BrandZ report, it generates revenue of $42,917 million.

12) Instagram

An American video-sharing social networking app owned by Facebook, generate revenue of $41,501 million.


An Irish domiciled multinational company generates revenue of $41,437 million during this year 2020.

13) Deutsche Telekom

A German telecommunication company generates revenue of $37,297 million.

14) Intel

Intel is an American based, world’s largest highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer. It generates $34,466 million during the pandemic.

15) Adobe

American multinational software company. It generates revenue of $35,904 million.

16) China Mobile

A Chinese Mobile telecommunication multinational company generates revenue of $34,583 million.

17) You Tube

An American online video-sharing, it generates revenue of $33,976 million during the pandemic.


From the above research reports of different tech brands, we can easily judge how the tech industry is growing especially during the pandemic situation of Covid-19, where all the international market has been crashed. The question arises then how it is possible. Then we can easily understand that technology now has become the need of the hour, as we now transferred to tech age.

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