New York is one of the expensive cities in this world and the backbone of the US economy during this whole pandemic situation. As Lockdown affects not only the retail business and successful establishments – but also early start-ups breathe its last. In this time of crisis, New York based venture capitals seemed to lift the future of start-ups and technology hubs. New York is rich in many aspects business Ventures, cultures, opportunities, entrepreneurial spirit and industrial hub. So NYC has too much to offer which helps to boost the growth of start-up programs. List mention some of the recognized NYC venture capital:

  • Inspired Capital
  • Eniac Ventures
  • Work-Bench
  • Lerer Hippeau
  • AF Ventures

Inspired Capital

It is a NYC venture capital that aims to give people fine access to start their business plans smoothly. Alex Von Tobel and Penny Pritzker are founders of Insight Capital, fervent about partnering with developing businesses. They announced to support early startups of New York and also offer this opportunity outside of NYC. Aiming this subject, Alex and Pritzker communicate with many local founders on zoom. Also host a webinar session to share their advice for newcomers. Insight Capital pointing the momentum for NYC startups and sharing ideas how to work remotely.

Eniac Ventures

Eniac is New York based seed Stage investment firm established in 2009. One of its offices is also working in San Francisco. The firm closed 4 funds till 2017 and the fourth fund is rounded at $100 million. They have invested in approximately 35-40 business companies. Nihal Mehta, Co-founder of Eniac Ventures, said in one of its interviews that they are excited to work with startups.


Jessica Lin, a general partner of Work-Bench is asked about how much they are interested in investing in early startups. The answer shows great interest in Work-Bench in Startups. Work-Bench funding over $10 billion towards enterprise Startups alone in 2017. In Lockdown, momentum graphs of new businesses are pretty low, Work-Bench step forward as a business guidance for new comers. Their portfolio companies seek Fortune 500 customers’ demand all because of this pandemic. Their priorities include:

FireHydrant- increase infrastructure demand during lockdown

Spring Health – support mental health problems and provide help to seekers.

Catalyst- retain existing customers to the company.

Lerer Hippeau

Erica Hippeau, managing partner of Lerer Hippeau said that they are the first investor and the most fervent Venture Capital of New York. He is interested to work with startups so that they can excel in this time of crisis. For him, companies that face this downturn are getting stronger if they can find a way to survive.

AF Venture

AF Ventures is also a NYC Venture Capital aiming for growth and endurance of upcoming brands of New York City. As AF Ventures’ David Levinson put it, “New York simply has too much to offer, from its richly assorted population, cultural worth and vast assortment of industries to lose its entrepreneurial spirit.” AF ventures have funded many a time, supporting early startup companies. They also have invested in many business projects all over the world.

Cover Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa from Pexels

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