It is evident that the business industry is evolving rapidly and re-defining itself after a few bunches of years. Business industry trends transformed itself entirely after a decade. Advancement of technology where changes other trends, introduced electronic business. In recent years, retail businesses used print media for marketing purpose i.e. Ads in newspapers and billboards. Time changes, so are business models. Soon after contemporary E-commerce took business industry, internet, and social media platforms are a perfect source of marketing and retailing 

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is a technology-driven business industry- involves electronically selling and buying by using online services. This is one of the largest and rapidly growing sectors of the electronic industry. In E-commerce, all Trading is revolving around online services over the internet i.e. online retailing, online auctions, and online markets.

E-commerce has become in-demand, the number of online stores, and their operations are effectively higher like never before. By the end of 2015, the total revenue generated by E-commerce is more than 230% as compared to the initial years of set-up. It was a huge turnover for any business industry, and this success graph raised to an imaginary level during COVID-19 Lockdown. There is a downturn of retail business on one hand, and increasing consumption of social media and e-commerce platforms on the other hand.

As COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected early Startups, if you are just starting a business must visit Sellfy’s online store business. Early startups must embrace this opportunity as Sellfy is featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and a lot of other key troupes as they are a rapidly extended industry of recent times.


Sellfy is an E-commerce platform, an all in one solution of Electronic trade requirements. They sell their starter plans on this platform. A starter package involves all the necessary components of digital trade involving online buying and selling of products, music, eBooks, and subscriptions. Their starter plan offers support of $10k in sales per capita with 0% of the transactional fee. With this plan, it’s amazingly easy to get your store active and organized in as little as five minutes with complete customization and unlimited product sustenance.

Moreover, Sellfy designed a very easy way of selling for other customers. They add buy now buttons, PayPal payment options, and mobile optimization. The advantages don’t stop there; Sellfy supports your site’s growth with amazing marketing tools such as discount codes, redemption options, powerful analytics, and one year access to starter plans. If you are developing new business, Sellfy online store E-Business is the best place to start.

For other customers, Sellfy sells all physical and digital products on this platform and also offers a perfect shopping experience from both mobile and desktop.

Sellfy’s starter plan offers a custom domain on sale. Get an online store and running in 5 minutes after choosing a subscription type:

·         1 year subscription (73 % OFF) = $59.99

·         2 year subscription (78 % OFF) = $97.99

·         3 year subscription (80 % OFF) = $29.99

This “starters plan” is only available for new users.

Cover Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

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