Data storage is an amazing innovation in The Storage Industry. It is an accumulated technique in which computerized data can be caught and stored on silicon-based chips and optical or electromagnetic systems. The storage industry is improving storage technology and performance steadily. The current storage infrastructures used by the storage technologies are HDD, NAS, SAN, Tape, Flash, cloud storage, etc. The Storage industry consistently re-devising itself and invests a huge amount on data storage concerns. The concerns for new technologies are mainly

  • Data Security
  • Data loss
  • Performance
  • Insufficient Budget
  • Poor application
  • Lack of Scalability
  • Data Migration
  • Cyber Crimes

Hottest Data Storage Startups

Having all these concerns in mind, a lot of hottest storage startups are tackling a challenge from hardware storage components to cloud capacities.

Cloud Daddy

Cloud Daddy is a storage startup, unveils its data storage protection Backup. Cloud Daddy creates award-winning Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) – that is a secure Amazon Web Service. It is created especially for disaster recovery. Princeton, N.J. Based company support various capabilities of Cloud storage including Anti-malware threat detection, data recovery, A.I alerting, Infrastructure management. It is a great service to clients- they can easily project any size of data across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Cloud Daddy CEO, Spencer Kupferman said “We are looking forward to collaborating with all of the advancements in version 1.5 to our loyal consumers and the greater AWS community.”


GigaSpaces is a Data storage company that provides the fastest in-memory computing podium. This company is reinventing the transactional process by introducing the fastest real-time insight for such applications. GigaSpaces is always aiming for Services as Big Data Architect, Cloud Migration Journey, Hybrid Clouds, intelligent Data platforms (RAM, SSD, Hadoop, etc.). In 2020, GigaSpaces targeted a Mission-Critical application for private or hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Lightbits Labs

Lightbits Labs is a software defining Startup company- develops a storage technology for a specific target side NVMe /TCP and provides high-quality disaggregation in a system. The company is striving hard to reinvent Storage criteria and networking in cloud data centers. This venture capital raised a fund of $54.2 Million in 3 rounds, also funded by 6 investors. Lightbits Labs recently launched LightOS 2.0- which provides full cloud-native storage integration for Kubernetes via clustering. LightOS 2.0 also provides an excellent All-Flash array and independent scaling of computer storage. Kam Eshghi, Chief Strategy Officer at Lightbits Labs said “At cloud scale, the whole thing fails. LightOS 2.0 is the industry’s first NVMe/TCP scale-out clustered storage solution – protecting against data loss and evading service interruptions at scale in the presence of SSD, server, storage, or network failures.”


MemVerge is the world’s first Big memory technology pool. Company has launched rich Big memory Data services i.e. Snapshot, Tiering and replication, Low latency AI/ ML interference, etc. MemVerge is one of the top 10 hottest startups of 2020- release new Optane SSD products as persistent memory. MemVerge is now aiming for a game-changer, the persistent memory DIMM.


Stellus, the developer of software defining storage Stellus Data Platform that is able to store and access unstructured data. Moreover, Stellus provides an advanced and highly efficient network attached storage that enables hyper-scaling and speed. The company introduces storage technology that reduces the need for file and block conversation, Global cache management, and Global data mapping. They invent the fastest fabricated key-value technology that relies on legacy architecture and infrastructure management.

Cover Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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