COVID-19 is one of the most treacherous setbacks for business companies all over the world. This pandemic forced many businesses to shutter down –if not all- some companies work remotely from home. The new traffic is entirely different from the working criteria of recent times. Employees working remotely is the new Normal.

The whole business environment is different from recent few months, so are customers’ demands. Automation has been rising like never before. Nowadays, businesses as well as customers want easier networking, flexible consumption methods, and demand automation more often. Automation, gear up a new consumer base as the IT companies provide all the new normal requirements of customers. These requirements help IT networking companies make their make in the market.


Alkira, a multi-cloud networking startup, just stepped into the market. The specialty of this startup is they offer Cloud Service Exchange (CSE) – this Multi Cloud Service Exchange allows Cloud architect and network engineers to build a Multi Cloud in the least time. Another amazing thing is Alkira offers a flexible Cloud networking – you can turn service on or off according to your business requirements.

128 Technology

128 Technology is a Primary network-ll, founded in 2014. The company is recognized due to its different approach toward Wide Area Networks (WAN) rather than traditional networking vendors. One of the specialty of 128 Technology is its Virtual Machine (VM), which not only spun up the house networking but also cloud services. The company is also specialized in security and hardware-centric networking.


Apstra is an intent based networking startup company that is renowned for working on automated data channel center operations. This channel focused company offers networking in large, private, enterprise networking across the globe and also provides data centers for vendors. In just one year Apstra brought two industry veterans to focus on global business development. The same year Apstra launched its first channel – Apstra Partner Advantage Program.


Containous is a cloud native networking startup, Founded in 2016- led by DevOps luminary Emile Vauge. It is basically a multi cloud networking platform that gets an easy approach to Cloud applications, API networking, Micro services, etc. Containous has Fortune 500 companies as a customer i.e. eBay, Apple, Expedia. According to Crunchbase, the company raised $11 million funding.

Lumina Networks

Lumina networks, founded in 2017 by Andrew Coward. The company is renowned for its approach to automate networking. Lumina networks acquired Brocade’s emerging SDN technology which helps to provide Open day-light controller services that used to convey 5G. The company launches five tiers that create an innovative networking solution.

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