Summers demands us to spend most of the time outside. To fulfill this demand, we unintentionally invite critters to attack us. Just because of their bite, we get itching and redness on our body. Sometimes, it causes swelling and difficulty in breathing as well. Severe cases even call for a doctor to inspect the situation. Here is given some guidance to deal with summer insect bites.

Spider bites

There are different types of spiders including Arachnid, Black widow, Brown which cause serious problems. Red bumps, itching and cramping occurs due to such spiders bites. These ailments can be treated at home by washing with soap and cold water. Applying antibiotic ointments like Neosporin, Advil, and antihistamines may also prove useful in treating spider bites.

Fly bites

Flies are non-venomous but have ferocious bite that really hurts. Its saliva causes allergic reactions. Its sharp scissor-like mouth tears our flesh. Mostly black flies and sand flies are more furious. Their bite should be treated by using antihistamine, like Boiron Histaminum Hydrochloricum

Mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are really such critters that lead to various diseases. Actually mosquito feeds on blood that’s why they easily spread ailments. They cause dengue, yellow fever, zika and Malaria commonly. They also cause allergic reactions and infections. We should seek for advice of doctor while suffering through such ailments.

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Tick bites

Like mosquitoes, ticks are also known as disease spreading critter. They cause Lyme disease, spotted fever and tularemia. They stick with the body and cause severe flu. We must move to the doctor after encountering their attack. In rare cases, we can treat ourselves with antibiotics.

Flea bites

Cats and dogs are prey of fleas but humans can also become their victim. Fleas cause severe itching and bumps on the body. We feel infection and pussy pimples. It can be treated by oral antihistamine, ointments, lotion and lukewarm bath with an oatmeal solution.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites do not cause diseases but it is quite hard to stay restful after their bites. They are known as the flu of the insect world. Kelly says bed bugs are good hitchhikers as they have become a substantial problem everywhere in the US. We should use anti-itch and antiseptic lotions to get rid of allergy.

Head lice bites

Many children have too much lices in their head. They often put their heads together. Lice spread like fire from head to head. Head lice bites are the big reason for itching and restlessness.

Medicated shampoos and combing again and again can remove lice from heads. Honeydew Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is also best for killing them. Try to not share our head accessories to protect ourselves from lice.

Chigger bites

Chigger bites do not hurt much but itch a lot. They stick to our clothes and go inside the body. Their saliva causes infection and allergy. But their bites can be treated by hydrocortisone, Medicated Calamine Anti-Itch Lotion and Antihistamine.

Ant bites

Kelly has rightly said that ants are aggressive. They are the reason for allergies, redness, swelling and pus. Wounds given by them can be cured by washing areas, antibiotics or antihistamines.

Bee Stings

Bee stings are the biggest reason for infection and allergy. If we are stung by bees, we have to wash the area instantly. Then, take out the stinger. We can use ice to lessen swelling. One should immediately use a First Aid sting relief swab for infection prevention.

Cover Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

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