Recently, Sony launched its new amazing product in the international market which is a wearable air conditioner. This new product is where quite astonishing. It is also a beautiful example of innovation by using technology in this modern age.

In the old days, where we use heat powders to avoid rashes appeared on our body due to sweating. Sony creates a unique product for its customers, according to market demands.

Someone says that “It is not the product which attracts your customer, but the ideas are too so”. This unique market product of Sony which is now available for sale has created a huge customer audience. Who wants to buy it for checking the functionality and usage of this new product.

Product is sold on a differentiation strategy in the sense of curiosity and innovation which is based on technology. The size of this wearable air conditioner is not bigger than the Apple Magic Mouse.

The principle on which this product is working is known as the Peltier effect phenomena. In which thermocouples are used to cool the body of the wearer by 23 degrees Fahrenheit in hot summer days.

Source: Sony

The temperature of this new IOT product can be controlled by using a mobile device. Which is a very good option for this amazing product. You can use this device also in cold winter days as this
product has also warmed up features available.

Reon Pocket, a wearable air conditioner is available with two versions based on the control system. One is an automatic version while the other is available with a manual control system.

Now if we talk about its pricing, then it is available on Sony’s own store with only $120 while on Amazon Japan it is currently closer to $160 and the price of the shirt holder is about $20. The prices are very reasonable for this new featured Sony’s product.

In last, according to my views, this product is amazing. I recommend you to use this new technological device and avoid yourself from heat strokes in hot summer days.

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