Recent studies have identified 21 curable elements from already existing drugs to successfully fight against COVID-19. These drugs are reliable as they are proven safe to use. Among 21, there are four such drugs which are used in synergy with remdesivir- an emergency approved COVID-19 treatment.

The Reliable 21 Drugs

The scientists experimented on a range of available drugs in order to find out the ones capable of preventing the replication of SARs-COV-2. From their experiments, they found out 21 such medications that can serve this purpose. They are satisfied with these novel medications because they are quite safe to use.

What kind of drugs are needed to treat COVID-19?

Although remdesivir exceptionally shortens the recovery time of patients suffering from coronavirus. Yet, this drug has a limited impact as it does not work equally beneficial for everyone. Due to a rapid increase in infection throughout the world, there exists a need to find out affordable, beneficial, and easily available drugs that can replace remdesivir. Such drugs should have the ability to be inserted prophylactically or during the initial signs of infection on an outpatient basis.

Findings of Research

Through extensive testing and certified procedures, scientists examined an ample range of existing drugs. They keenly considered the impact of those drugs on human lung biopsies contaminated with the virus. They profoundly looked at the synergistic action of remdesivir by keeping in mind the efficacy of doses at their antiviral capacity.

Researchers concluded the following results:-

  • 13 out of 21 drugs were found effective to use in safe doses through clinical experiments
  • The drugs like Astemizole (for allergies) and Clofazimine (for leprosy) were found FDA approved. While Remdesivir attained the status to be used in an emergency against COVID-19 from FDA.
  • Four of the 21 drugs were found to be in synergistic relation of working with remdesivir

The scientists got encouraged by these findings as they successfully discovered plenty of potential weapons to win the battle of the pandemic.

Clinical Trials are in Progress

Scientists are testing these drugs in small animals and lung organoids that mimic human tissues. In light of current research clofazimine, hangangchin A, apilimod, and ONO 5334 seem to be the best options to treat COVID-19. Other drugs are undergoing clinical trials for COVID-19. Scientists are striving hard to amplify these candidates of drugs so that this ailment can be treated as drug-resistant.

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