Recently, a team of engineers and researchers introduce a new method for cleaning industrial waste material by using the electrochemical process. The electrochemical process destroys water contaminants more efficiently. As with the industrial revolution, the major problem which is still facing by the global ecosystem is the decomposition of industrial waste material. Engineers and researchers devise a process by using electricity to purify the liquid water from industrial waste chemicals.

As, we observed that most of the industries, decompose their industrial waste material. Mostly consist of toxic water, lakes, and in the open area. Which is responsible for the destruction of our ecosystem. To make industries, environment friendly, there is a need to decompose the industrial waste material appropriately. By using advanced technical methodologies.

The new method of the electrochemical process consists of electrodes that are used to generate electricity. From which industrial wastewater is passed to purify toxic water. Redox reactions take place on both anode and cathode. Which is responsible for the conversion of organic or inorganic industrial waste material into harmless gases, ions, or minerals.

According to the researchers, the process is more economical and more efficient as compared to other waste decomposing methodologies. As there is no need for the addition of any chemical or heavy operation. Also, it is environmentally friendly. as there is no additional waste material is generated during the processing. This process is also helpful to eliminate non- biodegradable pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

This process is suited to most of the industries. Where a lot of water is used as the main ingredient for the production of materials. Such industries are in serious trouble regarding fuel disposal, in a more economical and environmentally friendly way. Also, government rules and regulations are highly sophisticated for them. In the sense of production of most of the useful products in which non-biodegradable chemicals are used.


According to UNESCO 2017 reports, there is a lot of waste in the form of water. Especially in the production process, which could be transformed to generate more energy sources, nutrients, and other recoverable products. Researchers claim that this process will be more beneficial especially for the wine industry, paper processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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