“A famous anti-arthritis drug may prove more than beneficial for COVID-19 patients”, a recent study expressed this hope.

The Magical Tocilizumab

It is verified that the in-time administration of tocilizumab prevents adverse damage imparted by a coronavirus. In this way, the drug leads towards better consequences for the patients suffering from COVID-19. The specific part of the recent study involved a pre-ICU setting. This is the stage where extremely sick people are advised to keep into ICU for their better treatment provision. Surprisingly, a little insertion of this drug into six people prevented them to go and stay in the ICU. Not only this, but they were also discharged from the hospital within a week as they showed better well-being.

Tocilizumab Improves Oxygen Levels

The patients in the pre-ICU setting were facing reduced inflammatory markers and oxygen requirements. Right after injecting them with this modish drug, they showed improved oxygen levels and X-rays with the passage of time. Researchers found out that not even a single patient went through any other immunosuppressive therapy to improve his condition. They just relied upon this drug and their better stable condition executed the positive results of tocilizumab.

Tocilizumab nullifies the need for Ventilator

The study declares that usage of this drug is effective during the pre-ICU setting when a patient faces adverse well-being. By delivering the favorable desired outcomes, tocilizumab significantly eliminates the need for a mechanical ventilator.

Pathway of working of Tocilizumab

The immune system of human beings produces a key inflammatory molecule that is called IL-6. For this, it is easy to get out of hand and pass on severe damage to internal organs of patients fighting with COVID-19. Research fins that tocilizumab is capable enough to prevent this damage caused by IL-6. That’s the reason it is treated as an amazing drug for those who may acquire COVID-19 in the near future.


Tocilizumab in light of research has been found as an effective drug to treat coronavirus. However, the people who showed positive results of the drug were relatively young and there was an absence of any matched control group. Hence, it is suggested to adopt the cautions before relying on this drug. Furthermore, for more authentic conclusions, a broad trial is underway.

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