Women fighting with breast cancer are increasing day by day. The world of medical issues prevention measures on a regular basis to help women win this battle. This article will unveil certain global trends of breast cancer that could help to improve in preventing the day by day rising of cancer.

The onset of Breast Cancer

In accordance with the latest findings, the rate of premenopausal cancer adaptation is higher in high-income countries including Canada. Contrarily, the rate of postmenopausal cancer adaptation is found higher in low-income countries.

Rate of Pre- and Postmenopausal Cancer

The Lancet Global Health has recently published a new study to find out different trends favoring breast cancer. Member of the O’Brien Institute for Public health at the Cumming School of Medicine, Dr. Miranda Fidler Benaoudia acknowledged this recent study as the first study which investigated trends and global rates of pre- and postmenopausal breast cancer.

The difference between both trends permitted the researchers to disclose different parameters to plan the best to defeat this evil. This study depicted an increased ratio of breast cancer among women of all age groups. However, the main concern of the research was to focus on the reason for the increased premenopausal cancer rate in developed countries.

Results of Research

Research discloses the increased risk of acquiring cancer as a woman progresses in her age. The amplified rates of postmenopausal breast cancer in underdeveloped countries help in identifying the ways of prevention. Since there are various risk factors that are flexible in nature including excessive body weight and physical immobility that can be overcome to prevent this postmenopausal cancer.

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The study exposed the difference between the mortality rate of cancer in developed and non-developed countries. According to it, 47% of the ladies of high-income states’ fighting with premenopausal breast cancer lost the battle. While in low-income countries only 11% of the surrender while fighting against this curse.

How to combat Breast Cancer?

The results of this study displayed the key factors helping reduce the rate of breast cancer. These measures include:-

  • Early Diagnosis
  • Immediate access to treatment
  • Reduction in exposure to known risk factors
  • Reduction in obesity
  • limiting alcohol consumption
  • Amplified muscular and physical activities
  • Encouraging breastfeeding

All of these above-mentioned parameters help women of any age, state, and group to prevent herself from breast cancer.

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