Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested by FBI agents on Tuesday for being involved in a $60 million racketeering and bribery case.

The entirety of the charges is attached to what federal investigators portray as a criminal endeavor committed to making sure about a bailout for two atomic force plants in northern Ohio, which is required to cost the state’s utility ratepayers $1 billion.

Larry Householder and four other political agents were accused of racketeering in what US Attorney David DeVillers depicted as “likely the largest bribery money-laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people of the state of Ohio.”

“Make no mistake, these allegations are bribery. Pure and simple. This was pay-to-play. I use the term pay-to-play because that’s the term they’ve used as alleged in the affidavit.” DeVillers said in a press conference.

This isn’t the first government inspection to cloud Householder’s political profession. The FBI researched allegation of payoffs and different issues in 2004 during his first term as speaker, yet Householder never dealt with allegations because of the investigations.

The latest investigation delineated in government documents unlocked Tuesday asserts that Householder spoke to a political solution for FirstEnergy’s financial issues. Investigators laid out in the 82-page grievance and affirmation that Householder’s relationship with the Midwestern energy giant was something of a trade. Householders would get FirstEnergy its bailout of atomic force plants and it would fund Householder’s political decision as Speaker of the House, as in the complaint.

The resulting scheme would include $60 million in installments from First Energy to Generation Now, nonprofit federal investigators said was constrained by Householder. Those installments were produced using March 2017 through March 2020.

“About a large portion of a million dollars went to his advantage. About $300,000 went to the payoff of a claim that he had and some legitimate charges. Another $100,000 went to a house in Florida,” said DeVillers.

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