Today for the tech industry there is very heartbreaking news that the MSI CEO died at the age of 56. After falling from the 7th floor of his company’s headquarter exists in the northwest of Taiwan. According to the news reports, death has been occurred due to head injury. But the investigation is still in the process of the incident.

MSI is one of the top multinational companies of hardware and motherboards for PCs started in 1999 and Mr. Chiang was it’s one of the old employees who joined the company at that time as a youngster.

He served for more than 20 years at different positions in MSI. As Yangzi Technology Associate and General Manager of MSI Desktop Platform Business Division and finally appointed as a CEO
of Micro-Star International in 2019.

Mr. Chiang was graduated from the Institute of Electronics, Jiao tong University. And was a man of good charming personality with good knowledge about the tech industry.

He was a determined and self-motivated person, having a vision of selling products based on innovative ideas. He believes that innovation is one of the basic tools to tackle the challenges of the tech industry.

Mr. Chiang has a good strategic mind. He had a clear mindset that how he can approach his target market to sell his product. His colleagues and company representatives said that it is quite difficult to fill the gap. Which has been created in the MSI family now. Also, they said that he is not only leaving behind a legacy of great leadership, but also consumer-friendly practices.

I think this is one of the saddest moments for the tech industry. As well as for the MSI and Sheng-Chang Chiang family. Our deep condolences are with the MSI and Chiang family. I hope that the police department is actively involved to find the reason behind the incident.

Cover Image Source: MSI

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