Recently, Microsoft introduces a new cloud-based system, named as Microsoft Project Freta. This new system enables the users to access volatile memory inspection of Linux systems. With this new system, the risk of hacking any system is enhanced by about 630%. According to the news reports of tech researchers, from January to April of this year.

According to Microsoft, this new service is introduced to provide more access to its online workers. Who are working from home, during the pandemic situation. Microsoft claimed that this new system provides better control to its online workers. In the sense to access data that is acquired by users during their online office meetings.

But according to the researchers, where Microsoft is enhanced their service through new cloud computing services. The risk of hacking of virtual machines of its users is increased. They claimed that there is more disadvantage of Microsoft Project Freta as compared to its benefits to its users.

Also, they said that we are facing two types of cyberattacks by hackers. The first type involves excessive usage from the anomalous location. While the second type involves multiple login attempts within the short interval of time from geographically disparate locations.

Another main disadvantage of Microsoft Project Freta is that it also does not activate the antimalware system during the cyberattack. According to Microsoft “The goal of this democratization effort is to increase the development cost of undiscoverable cloud malware toward its theoretical maximum.”

According to Mike Walker, spokesperson of Microsoft. The main advantage of this new cloud computing system is that you can easily capture the snapshot of the volatile memory of your virtual machine. To detect any malware in your system and make it in frozen form to resolve the issue more appropriately.


According to the researchers, you can avoid the downside of this new system of Microsoft by multiple authentications. Or by using antimalware protection software. Here you can access it easily. Documentation for the project is also available.

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