We are living in the 21st century, the most modern era, the era of high tech, fast internet, better communication and transportation. But, even in this age of modernization, we still have our doubts about fairness and validity of media and journalism. Unfortunately our society relies way too much on journalism, which gives the media some kind of power to manipulate or uphold the truth, no matter the consequences the society has to face because of their anecdotal journalism. Let’s find out how journalism impacts the local and international startup ecosystem.

The business community particularly startup businesses affected most by false journalism and media scams. Startup businesses are easy targets for the media, as new businesses care much about their marketing and reputation, the media can easily use this against them to take advantage in different forms of ways. Startup ecosystem always doubt the credibility of journalism and media in this modern era, as journalism has lost its real value and purpose. Journalists are just publishing their peace of mind which may or may not be true, because it’s just their personal opinion rather than facts, research, stats or truth.

Journalism media becomes a kind of mafia nowadays, there are plenty of incidents related to media where they blackmail different businesses by putting them into bad positions and then take advantage of them monetarily and etc. Media usually focus on the negative of startups businesses rather than positive that a company offers for the good of their people (Customers).

“Media has this dangerous power to start the war, and stops it as well”

Any false news or partially true news about any business published by journalists can easily play a role in small or huge loss for that company. It can cost that company a significant loss in their tangible and intangible assets. Any false news published by an unprofessional and unskilled journalist about a startup can cost that entity its public reputation, loss in their revenue, loss of stakeholders (investors).

Nowadays, Journalism (Media) is just becoming a business mafia which blackmails others business by focusing on their negatives rather than finding any positives or truth in the story.

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