We live in an era where technology is an important part of our lives. No matter what industry you are in – your company does not endure without the accessibility of technology. In recent decades, when you talk about technology it probably means desktops, computer systems, telephone, and network connection. But now the word Technology is beyond these things- it is an advanced industry that nobody can persist without it.

Counting from smartphones, smart gadgets, and phone applications to cloud networking – a plethora of technology is beyond one’s expectations. No one can underestimate the use of any of these technologies, but the evolution of smartphones is one of the game changing events in technology.

Today, tech is the necessity of our business because it offers connection, visual communication, storage, networking, sales, marketing, etc. Imagine all these technologies are available in one gadget. Isn’t it amazing?

With time smartphones are evolving with its best features. An imaging Startup Lights’ introduced L16 camera modules, which combine images from multiple modules. The L16’ image quality leaves many DSLRs in the dust.  But mobile photography is the need of the hour. People want an all in one device for communication, working, browsing, and off-course photography – that is handsets. The solution to this problem is given by Nokia 9 PureView.

The company introduced a handset with five – hexagonal – array camera handsets. This product is innovative and managed to secure a corner of the smartphone race for Nokia/HMD. This innovation Light is getting out of the game. The reason is, the competition is very hard for a small startup like Lights’- and the big companies reinventing their own hardware and software solutions.

Lights existed in the smartphone game and they confirmed it in an email written to Android Authority that they no longer route the smartphone industry. It’s surprising news, given that smartphone partnerships appeared like the most logical means for the company, which drummed up $121 million in a Softbank-led round back in 2018. That Series D took the Palo Alto-based company’s total funding up to more than $181 million.

Recently, Lights’ also signed deals with Sony and Xiaomi. It is an unexpected position on what such a move means for those partnerships going forward. It is undecided what the future looks like for Light after the smartphone industry.

Cover Photo Credit: TGspot / CC BY-SA

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