Efficient working helps to accomplish personally as well as a professional organization’s goals. A person can only withstand a limited quantity of any sort of stress i.e. workplace stressors. The human body can buffer and manage a certain aggregate of stress. If the stress exceeds its limit, it alters the normal physiological and psychological mechanisms of the human body. Work stress is a major source of anxiety, fear, and apprehension. On perceiving stress signals, the hypothalamus immediately initiates some stress management processes in the body. Pituitary gland -in response to the hypothalamus- releases a number of stimulating hormones to tolerate this physiological pressure. Once the stress is gone, the body again triggers to its normal state. This is the normal homeostatic phenomenon of human beings.

Common workplace stressors

  • Excessive workload
  • Physical discomfort
  • Prolonged working hours
  • Insufficient salaries
  • Multitasking
  • Mismanagement / Disorganization
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Unclear Expectations

What if the stress is prolonged and uncontrolled?

Stress, if prolonged, will interrupt the normal hormonal changes in body and homeostasis. Hormones release and inhibit in an entirely irregular fashion will ultimately end up in Chronic stress and depression. So the point is, stress must be checked in its acute stages otherwise it causes serious damage to one’s body and mind. Uncontrolled stress leads to ‘General Adaptation Syndrome’- a horrific journey from initial stress to chronic stress disorder.

Tell us to find out some simple and practical ways to prevent and manage workplace stress.

Positive Attitude

Positivity is an internal weapon to setback initial stress conditions. Start your day off in a very positive and healthy manner. Have a healthy breakfast before leaving for office. Combating with stressful morning routine i.e. drop your child to school, dodged heavy traffic- before you reach your work table you need to refresh yourself. Get some coffee and take an energetic start. Start your day with planning and a positive attitude helps to avoid stress at the workplace.

Stay Organized & schedule your day

Disorganized person is always an easy target of anxiety and exhaustion. Start your routine with a proper plan, enlist your priorities, and focus on tasks to do can greatly decrease your stress. Messed up routine and confusion create great hustle in your life, and leads to stress.

Recognize self-imposed stress & keep perfectionism in control

Some people strive hard to achieve very high goals. They’re fond of perfectionism. Perfectionism, if unchecked, creates massive problems in your life. Perfectionists are always apologetic towards their own personality, work, efficiency, and approaches. The reason they do so, they are always trying to set a hypothetical benchmark for themselves and for others who worked with them. They always strive to do more than their physiological capabilities. In return, they put their physical and mental health conditions at risk. In any case, if they did not meet their expectations stress always occupied them. A good strategy is to balance idealism and realism in your life, do your best but at the same time do not overburdens yourself.

Avoid conflicts & eliminate interruptions

Interpersonal conflicts are always a source of discomfort in any workplace. Dirty politics and conflicts are difficult to escape, so the good strategy is to avoid conflicts as much as you can. First, try to create a positive and friendly environment among co-workers. If this is not possible, try to avoid interference in other’s work and conflicts

Try to control over nerves

People generally panic when they rush into any workload or deadline. First thing is to try to control your nervousness. If you do not control your nervousness, it will get on your nerves and you will not perform in any way. Take a deep breath, pacify your nervousness, and start with a cool & stress-free mind. Always believe in yourself, the first line of defense to stress is your attitude towards it. Internal negativity is one of the finest causes of stress

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