Google maps launch its new feature for the Android system. Which is about the information of traffic signal lights. Google launched this new feature about 13 years ago, for the iOS system, used by Apple company. But now google allows this feature for its android users. This will enable users to check the number of traffic signals on their route to better estimate accurate time of arrival.

In Apple Maps, traffic signals are also visible during the navigation. And guides to its users but google does not allow this feature for its Android users. As google claimed that they are still testing this ingredient and working on its stability to improve its functionality.

Google Maps claim that. “We are trying to combining the information of traffic signals on the route of users with traffic density for better control, for its users”. So that the users can easily estimate which route is better suited to them.

Last Month, google also announced that they are also working on controlling the challenging situation of Covid-19. By opening Covid-19 testing centers with the collaboration of the Indian Council of Medical Research. And MyGov to avoid from Covid-19.

With this new feature google claimed that we will be enabled to control the present situation of Covid-19. In a more appropriate and controlled way. Google said that this new feature will be available in an updated version of google maps which will quite beneficial for its users. Google Maps consumers, can easily locate Covid-19 centers in case of an emergency, by clicking on Covid-19 testing tab button.


Google maps have now become an integral part of our lives in this modern era, to fulfill our navigation needs. Google wants to serve its users with a better experience. These two new features in google maps are amazing and beneficial. Google presented these new features according to the present situation, around the globe and google thinks that this is the need of the hour to avoid its consumers from trouble.

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