Google updates its users about the new advertisement policy, which will be globally implemented from 11th August. 2020. According to this new policy, advertisers will not able to promote such a promotional advertisement. That is unauthorized from google and their main purpose is to track the user activities.

Google warned that if users don’t follow the rules and regulations according to the updated advertisement policy. Then they will suspend for a certain period of time. Google mentioned that these policies are very specific for spyware and malware. Which are particularly used to track user’s texts, phone calls, or browsing history.

According to Alphabet Incorporation. Google claimed that such types of ads have now enabled our dishonest behavior policy. Which is very shameful for us, in the eyes of our users. Google said that we will never bear such kind of attitude from the advertisers. These advertisers are responsible for the defaming of Google by using tracking technology.

Now here we discuss the product and services that will be prohibited from August 11th, 2020. All the tracking technology advertisements including GPS trackers, surveillance equipment promotions like cameras, audio recorders, and other dash cams will be monitored in a more restricted way.

Google also claimed that in case of violation of Dishonest Policy, we will not suspend the advertiser immediately, we will warn him for 7 days and even then he does not follow the rules and regulations then he will face permanent suspension. Google also clearly mentioned that it does not include such advertisement which is designed for private investigation services or products which are designed for parents to monitor their underage children.


According to my point of view, this step taken by google is highly appreciable where millions of software and tracking technology have been designed to track or monitor someone’s activities which is against the privacy of someone. Now to maintain the privacy of someone has now become the biggest challenge of this modern age. We hope this step taken by google, maintains the privacy limits of its users in a more appropriate way.

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