Shellfishes are an excellent source of proteins, nutrients, and omega3. Recent research has shown that shellfish are used as a supply of vitamins. They can be used to eliminate vitamin deficiency in the world. Shellfish are packaged with vitamins. A Cambridge University team has revealed in a study that shellfish’s nutritional uptake can be enhanced with “vitamin bullets”. In this way, they work to eliminate vitamin deficiency in the world. Vitamin deficiency causes many diseases and health problems.

Increasing the nutritional uptake of foods has been practiced for many years to eliminate people’s nutritional deficiencies. Nearly 2 billion people worldwide suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Which leads to health issues and death. Scientists at the Cambridge Department of Zoology have found an excellent source of protein from bivalve shellfish. Scientists have made experiments on oysters and mussels.

Vitamin Bullets

Dr. David Aldridge and his students introduced a microcapsule containing shellfish nutrients. Buoyancy was placed in it so that the bivalves could easily consume it. This microencapsulation technology has proven to be very useful for the fortification of bivalve shellfish. When shellfish are fortified with vitamin bullets, they absorb all the nutrients that the capsule contains. According to a study, scientists fed vitamins A and D to more than 100 oysters. Which resulted in a very good response. These fortified oysters provide 100 times more vitamin A and 150 times more vitamin D than normal oysters. These oysters also supply more vitamins than salmon.

Battling Deficiencies

Eating two fortified shellfish fulfills the body’s demand for special vitamins A and D in one serving. It is a very cheap, delicious, and effective source of protein supply. It can save millions of people suffering from nutritional deficiencies. There are many countries in the world that are nutritional and vitamin deficiency. About 76% of children in Ghana become blind and die from vitamin A deficiency. 85% of people in India and 40% in the US have vitamin D deficiency.

“We are very excited about BioBullets’ potential. We are now establishing links with some of the world’s biggest seafood manufacturers to drive a step-change in the sustainability and nutritional value of the seafood that we consume,” Aldridge stated.

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