Sleeping is a natural process of getting relief. We can get mental relaxation and get rid of tiredness after taking a nap. Attaining good sleep is undoubtedly crucial for anyone, especially for mental health.

Nowadays with innovative gadgets capable of emitting dangerous light, make people sleepless. Especially our young generation is the prey to restless nights. Sleep patterns are disturbed and badly affecting their health. Even old people are also suffering from the same condition. They have to face hypertension, impaired immune system, cardiac disorders, memory loss, and obesity due to improper sleeping.

What does Research Reveal?

Research shows that indoor and outdoor artificial lights are a big reason for insomnia. Since environmental light exposure badly influences sleeping behavior. Resultantly, people are now forced to face mood disorders including harsh mood swings. Teenagers are especially suffering from bipolar disorders including mood swings, depression, and persecution complex.

How does light demote sleeping patterns?

Like other natural hormones, our body contains melatonin which promotes sleep. The more we secrete melatonin, the better sleeping we enjoy. Unfortunately, this melatonin secretion is inhibited by getting exposure to light. And this is why one gets deprived of proper sleeping.

How to overcome this problem?

In order to resolve this problem, we must modify our daily routine. Gadgets are an essential part of today’s life but the way of their utilization can still create a positive impact. One must skip using electronic light emitting gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and other such displays prior to an hour before sleeping. Furthermore, in this digital word one should find out some productive time to spend with natural panoramas. In this way, one can recover one’s sleeping habits as one should sleep properly for a minimum of 7 hours per day in order to stay healthy.

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