Heart is a major organ of our body. If we call it king of the state, it would not be wrong. It provides the body with all the essential nutrients through the blood. It supplies oxygen and circulates the blood in body. As heart is an extremely important component of the body hence we must pay attention to its proper functioning. Below is the list of heart-healthy snacks and drinks.

18 heart-healthy snacks and drinks

There are several heart-healthy snacks and drinks which regulates the functioning of heart.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea is like green tea. It contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  EGCG is actually a polyphenol compound which reduces the inflammation. So, matcha tea is really good for heart health as it reduces the atherosclerosis (a disease in which fat blocks the arteries).

Sardines packed in olive oils

Sardien is a small fish. Fish and olive oil are sources of anti-inflammatory omega 3. Omega 3 is beneficial for heart health. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and enhances the activity of heart.

Walnut and tart cherry trail

Walnut is helpful in improving blood vessels functioning and it decreases heart risk factors. Cherries with polyphenol antioxidants protect our heart. Walnut and cherry mixed recipe is really good for both taste buds and heart.

Rainbow chard hummus wraps

These rainbow swiss chard hummus wraps supply nutrients to our body that are essential for body to remain in good position. These wraps also decrease blood pressure and reduce load on heart.

Coffee smoothie

Coffee acts as waking booster. We all use coffee to remain active. Other than that great intake of coffee reduces  risk of heart diseases. For sweeten the taste we can add banana, peanut butter and cacao powder in it.

Chocolate-chia peanut butter bites

Chocolatey peanut butter bites contain nutrients that are of extreme importance for heart health. They are free of sugar and contain nutrients making good body fats and are sweetened with dates. They reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) level in blood.

Papaya boats

Papaya’s flesh mixed with a compound named as lycopene makes papaya boats. Lycopene is an important nutrient for heart health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory nutrient and enhances the flow of blood.

Cacao hot chocolate

Cacao is a pure cocoa product. It contains more dense nutrients than any other cocoa product. It combines with other nutrients that reduces the blood pressure.

Rosemary and turmeric spiced nuts

Nuts supply the body with healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. They boost the health of heart and help in reducing and maintaining the weight.

Beet, chickpea and avocado salad

Mixing beet with avocado and chickpea makes a wonderful snack which satisfies taste buds. This is also helpful in improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

Roasted broccoli quinoa salad

Broccoli contains nutrients and vitamins that are needed for body. This salad enhances the function of blood vessels and acts as a delicious way to reduce risk of heart diseases.

Kale and sweet potato egg cups

Egg is a vital source of healthy nutrients such as good fats, minerals and selenium. Selenium is an important anti-inflammatory or antioxidant nutrient which protects the body against oxidative damage. Selenium acts as an important mineral for heart health.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is made from hibiscus flower. Hibiscus extracts are good for lowering levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Salmon salad

Salmon is a fish. It is packed or mixed with good fat, omega 3, selenium and other important nutrients that are good for heart health.

Coconut and pomegranate chia seed pudding

If you love desserts then this pudding is the best sugar free recipe that reduces risks for heart diseases and enhances the function of blood vessels.

Artichoke dip and red pepper sticks

It is a heart friendly snack loaded with cheese and mayonnaise to give good taste. It is packed with healthy veggies that are lower in calories.

Tomato, feta and white bean salad

Mixing tomato, feta, cheese and white beans makes the amaizing snack which fuels our body with healthy nutrients.

Citrus water

Adding a fresh slice or piece of any citrus fruit in water makes it a best heart pumping juice ever.

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