Water is the basic component of our bodies. A high proportion of water is found in our blood, plasma, and other fluids of the body. The hydration level of the body helps in performing many functions including mental cognition and sex performance. Therefore, the hydration level of the body must be maintained at an optimal level.

Pee color chart

Pee chart is a usable dehydration handy measurement tool. This allows us to estimate the level of hydration of our body. We don’t need a urine sample to check this, we can only guess by looking in the toilets bowl. Pee chart that gives us these estimations from different colors which are given below:-

Checking hydration level of body carries extreme importance to live a healthier life. To check this hydration level, pee chart acts as an excellent reliable handy measuring tool.
Infographic courtesy of Healthdirect Australia.

Purely transparent

If the color of urine is completely transparent then it means that our body is over-hydrated.  This situation is not as dangerous but we need to overcome it. In this regard, we should reduce the uptake of water.

Lemonade to light beer

If the pee color is in lemonade or light beer shade, it means that the body is optimally hydrated.  This is a good level.  So keep on the same amount of water and fluids as per your habit.

Amber to copper

Amber to copper shade of urine is also a good shade. It also shows the good hydrated level of the body. Again it encourages you to keep the quantity of your fluid uptake, same.

Roast coffee to burnt orange

This is an alarming situation if the color of your urine appears roasted coffee or burnt orange in color.  You need to pay attention to your diet right away.  This can also be caused due to medication upon which you rely. This color range confirms that the body is dehydrated.  In this situation, you should uptake plenty of water and electrolytes.  In severe cases, you should contact a doctor.

When to consult a doctor?

In severe conditions, when you see some unusual symptoms, you should consult a doctor.  If the color of your urine is very dark, you should contact a doctor immediately as it may be due to liver malfunction.  The pungent smell of urine, abdominal pain, and dizziness are common symptoms of dehydration and liver malfunctioning.

How much water should be consumed?

It is appropriate for women to drink 7 cups of water a day while for men it is suitable to drink 13 cups of water.  This is not an exact quantity because the quantity of water uptake per day depends on the body, gender, age, and diseases or conditions.

Cover Photo Credit: healthdirect.gov.au

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