During the pandemic situation of Covid-19, the whole world is suffering from the crisis. But the Tech industry is continuously busy to find the solution for the problems which are faced by the world, most commonly. 

Tech Industry is trying to provide such a platform where people around the world resolve their issues without any restrictions of boundaries. Now here we discuss 7 different ways through which tech industry is trying to resolve the problems of organizations:

1.  Data Collection and Organization

Data accuracy is one of the challenging tasks for an organization. To maintain the company data in a more accurate way. Verizon a tech company, launched many resources to manage the organization data, including an API, dashboard, and dataset.

2. Contact Tracing

To avoid viruses in the near future, many tech companies take the initiative to trace the mobile phone of the users. Apple and Google are working together to save the world from the pandemic situation, globally. The idea is basically based on Bluetooth technology.

3. Early Detection System

Ava, a tech company introduces biometric bracelets that can detect the temperature of the human body. This technology also helps to save the world from the Covid-19 pandemic. This bracelet can detect physical changes also.

4. Tele-Health Platforms

Telehealth platforms are most common during the pandemic. It helps to resolve the COVID-19 situation by the online consultancy of doctors. RubbiconMd, a tech company working a lot on this aspect.

5. Disinfecting Drones

Major issues that are faced by many companies is that how they can disinfectant their organization. And also the organization has no spacious places inside it. For this purpose, disinfecting drones are introduced which helps the organizational environment, germs free.

6. Temperature Monitoring:

Temperature monitoring is another major issue on which proper check and balance are required. TempTraq is one of the famous tech company introduces a temperature detecting device for hospitals and healthcare centers.

7. Developer Collaboration

Codementor and Arc are two major tech companies, working together to collaborate with developers to develop such software that can detect outbreaks and can reduce the spread of this pandemic disease.


From the above discussion, we can easily understand that how tech companies are continuously busy to control the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Many new technologies have been introduced to overcome this crisis.

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