Nowadays, a lot of video conferencing platforms are working that are really helpful for people to continue their business and schooling in such a pandemic situation. Cisco’s Webex video conferencing software has introduced a virtual background feature for its users.

Video conferencing software helps online communication like video or audio meetings, seminars. It is also helpful for business meetings and educational systems as well. It’s chatting, recording, and screen sharing features make it feasible for any person.

In the same way, cisco Webex software is advanced leading enterprise elucidation for video conferencing. Now it has introduced a virtual background.

As it endeavors to get to the advanced features furnished by exiguous of its juvenile contenders.

Cisco’s Webex has divulged virtual backgrounds for its videoconferences. Its participants can easily petition for a “blur” feature to disguise their background or substitute with one of Webex’s preset background images.

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing app nowadays. Its competitors as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams all concede users that they can upload their own custom images for background displays.

There, Webex is one of the oldest players that is playing a very important role in the videoconferencing software. That was established in 1995 and procured by Cisco in 2007 for almost $3.2 billion. It is firstly used as a business application by different companies instead of personal customers.

It has enhanced its attributes accessible on its free thesaurus version during the contemporary escalation in dictate for distant meetings.

In current weeks, Google and Microsoft have planned to reach  Zoom. In April the company stated that Microsoft has developed its Teams app to 75 million quotidian active users. And Google said Meet recently excelled almost 100 million everyday meeting partakers.

Like its competitors, Webex has perceived an agonizing enhancement in usage during the coronavirus pandemic. Mostly used by working people and students at home. The company uttered in April that it tripled its average aggression of meeting minutes to almost 25 billion.

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