Optimism is a state of mind in which a person feels good and fresh. Optimists usually possess pleasant mood with a sense of mastery. Such people emit positive vibes and are like sponge that absorbs all negativity.

Optimists also have a great effect on their spouses. Optimists generally continue to discuss old memories which reduce the chances of dementia. They set good life plans for their spouses. Their cardiovascular system works very well and these people live longer. Optimism is a trick that can be learned or practiced.

Optimistic life partner makes life better

Research has shown that there are many benefits to have an optimistic life partner. They can help to prevent cognitive decline as you get older. They impart a profound effect on mental health.

Living with an optimistic partner keeps the mind active. Their congnitive system works well and the chances of getting a decline in it, are low. When the 50-year-old Optimistic Couple was assessed, it was discovered that their cognitive system works quite well. Due to improved psychosomatic behavior, optimist partners enjoy good short and long-term memory.

Advantages of being an optimist

Researchers say that there are many factors of cognitive decline, including lifestyle factors. Lifestyle factors include physical activity, healthy diet and good weight etc. Optimists try to adopt healthy behavior as they eat well and stay active. That is why optimists have less chances of emotional declination.

Similarly, studies prove that staying in a relationship with an optimistic spouse has a similar positive effect. Such couple share memories that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia as they get older.

How to inject optimism in our behaviors?

Optimism is more about learning rather than latent behavior. One can deploy optimism in one’s nature through constant learning.  In personality development, counselor should seek what a person want to change in his personality. After analysis, followings steps should be followed:

  • Reset the mind of the person by making him to think positively
  • Tell him that what so ever he does, is good enough to enjoy
  • Try to teach him that failure is a part of life
  • Make him to believe in himself by not giving up
  • Teach him to try, try and try until the desires are not achieved

Stay Active to stay optimist

In order to attain optimism one must be involved in various physical activities. Because physical activities prevent cognitive functions from declining and maintain them as we age. Additionally, social interaction is very important in maintaining the cognitive functions of a man. Therefore, one should remain in touch with friends to propagate one’s optimistic nature.

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