Pumpkin is a round vegetable with smooth and slightly ribbed skin. It is mostly found in deep yellow to orange coloration. The thick shell of pumpkin accommodates the seeds and pulp. The seeds of pumpkin are also known as a pepita seeds. They have white outer husk and appear light green in color after the husk is removed. We can consume pumpkin seeds with or without removing their white shells.

How pumpkin seeds are beneficial for health?

It contain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. This variety of nutrients has proven them beneficial for the heart and liver. It is evident from researches that these seeds offer a number of health benefits including lowering the blood sugar level, elevating heart health and reducing the risk of definite cancer.

Role in weight loss

It helps in lowering the overall content of cholesterol in the blood. These seeds are rich of such nutrients which support weight loss. These weight reducing nutrients consist of fiber, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids. Fiber give a feeling of fullness which actually reduces appetite and prevents overeating between meals that hinder weight loss.

Directions to follow while consuming

Although they are beneficial to reduce weight yet one should behave quite moderate while eating them. As they contain many nutritious components, hence over dosage might not prove useful. Rather it may add terror to the stable condition as well by increasing existing weight.

Selection of pumpkin seeds for weight loss

To lessen added calories and sodium, choose raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds, with or without their shells. These raw and unsalted one are recommended as best for healthy weight loss diet.

How to enjoy in regular diet?

Pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed by:

  • Homemade trail mix
  • Sprinkled onto salads or waffle
  • Baked into muffins or on top of breads
  • Mixed into yogurt and oatmeal
  • Used as blended in a food processor with nutritional yeast, bread crumbs, and seasonings to make vegan “Parmesan” cheese


Just like all other nuts and seeds, the pumpkin seeds contain less calories and fat but only in a small serving size. You should just make it sure that the quantity you are eating fit into your overall calorie goals for weight loss.

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