Business is all about losing or gaining influence by new trends, supplies, and demands of the market. For growing companies, seven figures is a milestone. And it is true for a reason because making seven figures is quite impossible in past decades. With time, industries evolved it-selves so too is technology. Advanced technology introduced an entirely new business model. So in this decade, making seven figures is not impossible. Here are few tips to hit 7 figures income in 2020:

Multiple streams of income

A single powerful project may be able to earn you money, but you can never be wealthy with it. Moreover, it is risky to put all your eggs in one basket. The pro tip to make 7 figures income is earned by multiple streams. Earning money means you are exchanging your time with money. If you are able to invest your time and money in multiple streams, you exchange more time with more money. In case, one stream ends up with a huge loss – you have another source of income yet. Multiple streams are the oldest lesson in the book. This ensures sustainable and safe play.

Providing digital goods

Providing services will earn you money whether you provide physical goods or digital goods. Physical goods have limited scaling criteria while digital goods have massive perks. You exchange money in return for your services. But in case of providing digital goods, you earn more money in return for your value. The possibility of making 7 figures is more in the case of digital business rather than physical sources. Because you have to sleep but the internet never sleeps.

Consider customer’s demand

The services you offer are purely conferring your customers’ demand. 7 figures are achievable if you keenly evolve according to customer’s demands. You have to provide appropriate values to your customer as this is the key to gain customers’ loyalty. 


We live in an era of the internet where digital platform consumption is more than physical platforms. Flowing with new business models, you have to adopt efficient marketing methods. Investment is important in any business, offering great services is also important but this would not negate the importance of marketing. Use social media platforms for marketing as it is the most effective internet platform.

Hang around successful businessmen

A well-known proverb is ‘A man is known by his friends.’ It means your surroundings have a strong reflection on your attitude. If you hang out with other seven figure earners, you are far more likely to become one yourself. In this way, you would be able to seek their unique habits, business advice and you are far closer to new opportunities. Ultimately, you ignite the quest to become one of those 7 figure earners.

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