Although an entrepreneurial idea comes from a single person but business is not a one-man army thing. Competent teamwork is always mandatory for a successful business. As a Founder, the biggest challenge is identifying and choosing a startup team, the talented employees to work with.

Recruiting a best team is very important. Some founders being inexperienced in recruitments, fall into traps – underestimating the professional hiring demands. Reports show that 71 % of tech startup founders are experiencing difficulty in hiring the best staff.

While refining your recruitment strategies, pay close attention to few lessons to evade pitfalls in hiring demands.


One problem often seen in recruitment strategy of any company, is they are always looking for only experienced employees. While a startup is a very innovative and fast-moving setup where the potential of any candidate is more valuable than experience. There must be a certain level of diversity in your team- including experienced and potential people on board. Hiring a candidate who has a certain level of experience in venture capital is a very good choice. At the same time giving a chance to persuasive fresh blood in your startup team is also great for fast-moving startups. Diversity is important to create something innovative.

Well defined recruitment requirements

First of all, your requirements should be very clear and aligned. Try to design your questions in a way that might gyrate around aptitudes you are looking for. Scorecard is the best solution to define your competency requirements. While interviewing someone, rate every skill on a nominee’s list. At the end it is fairer to compare the scorecard of different candidates and choose the one –who fall on your competency criteria.

Work with best external recruitment agencies

There are some professional recruitment agencies that offer services in order to provide or highlight employees for your business. Actually, external hiring agencies can be a time-saving option for any founder. The other thing is these agencies are practical and quite professional in order to determine which employee is good for your startup type.  The majority of startup founders approach external hiring agencies to find professional employees. Sometimes, the screening strategies of agencies and startups are quite dissimilar. In this way, you may recruit an employee which is a bad idea for your company. If you have faith in external hiring agencies, you must select a professional agency. Otherwise, it would be a bad idea.

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