COVID-19, being an economic demolisher has affected the Blue Collar workers more than White Collar Workers. The white Collar employees are working effectively by creating their Virtual workplaces. The major devastation created by COVID-19 is for Blue Collar workers. As to survive financially is essential, they are trying to grow their small businesses on their own. Pandemic has created the reverse migration and triggered the Startup’s at Populated Areas.

Many of the already well-established Startups are helping the Blue Collar workers in starting their business ventures. They are making efforts in making them understand the business terms and progressions. Also, they are influencing the workers to seek Soft skills like communication, marketing and management skills. The purpose is to not only make them able to start business but to flourish it amazingly. It’s of great worth as in order to empower someone, the only strategy is to make him independent by inculcating the skills.

Here are some Startup’s helping the Blue Collar workers to empower by their own:


The App, with its diverse skilled based group are providing utmost assistance to the workers. The major target of this initiative is electricians and plumbers. It is helping them to launch their own business. To aware the electricians and plumbers about the Market preferences and opportunity is the empowering goal of this Startup


It is a data marketplace startup that is assisting the small size businesses to grow in this pandemic. It is bringing the establishment of virtual connectivity for the corner stores and small home industries. By this awareness and Online Impact, they are trying to make them the nationwide recognized startups.

Ready Assist:

It is the emerging Auto-Tech Startup for repairing the bikes and Cars in India. It is creating room for road-side repairs and university dropouts to start small businesses. By its home learning Program ‘Mecademy’, they are providing free courses over Vehicle Repairing. It is achieving its aims greatly by influencing people to do business.

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