Pandemic could not stop global activities. When humans became unable to join face to face meetups and conferences, then they invented online setups to fulfill their needs. Several International online conferences are now organized for various purposes including science, epidemiology and human rights. As we know that, despite of all this pandemic AIDS is still a true curse for this the world. In this regard, the US convened the 23rd International AIDS Conference, in which extremely important steps to prevent the spread of this curse were negotiated.

The International AIDS Conference

The International AIDS Conference is the biggest convention that is held on widespread health issues in the whole world. It was first summoned during the height of the AIDS epidemic in 1985. It basically proceeds to deliver a different forum for the corner of science and human rights. Each conference gets a chance to enhance strategies that assure an evidence-based reaction to the epidemic. The 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020) was hosted in San Francisco on 6th July 2020.

Travel limitations to the US is a crucial problem for all. AIDS 2012 Conference which was held in Washington DC was displayed as a significant model for instructing about AIDS 2020. During that time, the early engagement of specialists and supporters helped to communicate a huge number of issues for delegates expected to travel internationally. That was the largest International AIDS Conference in the record, with more than 23,000 enrolled delegates, and lifting off the 22 years travel prohibition that prevented people from inhabiting with HIV from entering the country.

AIDS Conference 2012 made foundation of AIDS Conference 2020

That group was benefited to deal with travel problems and make suggestions to the meeting organizers that aid the purpose and goal of AIDS 2020. Together they formulated solutions that confirm the utmost participation and supporter for strategy change at the national level.

They believed that organizing AIDS 2020 in that area, would send an important message to all of those who are endangering to unlock the progress of the previous thirty years and give assistance to those living with HIV and struggling to conserve global AIDS funding.

Altogether, having that conference in the US in July 2020 delivers a strong reminder of the tremendous recovery of US investments in the global AIDS program. They also gave an opportunity to work together to order for new investments in the research of HIV.

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