Zinc is a naturally occurring micronutrient mineral crucial to many aspects of health. It helps in betterment of our immune system, blood sugar level, eyes, heart and grooming skin. However, it is quite hard to get zinc properly by diet. Meat and shellfish are some resources of zinc.

Many people including pregnant or breastfeeding women, vegetarians or vegans, patients with gastrointestinal disorders need zinc supplements. It plays a very important role for patients using diuretics and anticonvulsants.

Recognized Zinc Supplements There are the 10 best types of zinc supplements prepared by highly reputed companies.

1. Overall best: Thorne Zinc Picolinate

Thorne Zinc Picolinate is internationally NSFcertified product and is prepared after a lot of research and tests. It contains pure ingredients that are nutritive. It provides 30mg of zinc picolinate.

2. Best Chelated: NOW Foods Zinc Glycinate Softgels

Chelating agent assists to absorb zinc in the body and is used to make absorbable type of zinc supplement. Now Foods Supplements follow GMP for their sterility. Each softgel provides 30mg of zinc glycinate.

3–4. Best budget option: Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way is a non-GMO but certified by NSF, GMP, and TRU-ID. DNA is used for ingredients authentication in TRU-ID certification. Zinc chelate capsules and zinc lozenges are enlisted as Nature’s Way

3. Nature’s Way Zinc Chelate Tablets

These gluten-free capsules proffer about 30 mg per capsule. They are highly affordable. One should take just on capsule with food per day

4. Nature’s Way Zinc Lozenges

We can enjoy 23 mg of zinc, 100 mg of vitamin C and 20 mg of Echinacea purpurea by Zinc Lozenges. Adults may take 6 tablets per day.

5. Best vegan option: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc

Many supplements are derived from animals. So, Garden of life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc, organic and non-GMO verified is an appealing choice for vegans. It provides 30 mg of zinc, vitamin C, live probiotics and enzymes. Adults may take 2 capsules per day.

6. Metagenics Zinc Drink

Metagenics supplements are USP and NSF certified. They merely contain water and 15mg of zinc sulfate. One should take 1 teaspoon per day in between meals.

7. Peak Performance Raw Ionic Liquid Zinc

It is made for athletic professionals in the United States. It is also affectionate for vegans and best to stay away from allergens of soy, wheat, egg, shellfish and dairy etc. Adults should take one full dropper (1ml) because it provides 15 mg of zinc sulfate.

8. Best lozenges: Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges

It is NSF registered product. Since it is easily dissolved in mouth, hence it helps in protection against common cold. Zinc lozenges are made with a highly life extension supplement. It provides almost 80-92 mg of zinc and 18.75 mg of zinc acetate. Adults should consume 1 tablet every 2 hours as far as 8 times a day.

9. Best organic: NutriGold Zinc Gold

15 mg of whole foods based zinc containing NutriGold’s, Zinc Gold is the best organic supplement. SCS Global Services provides certifications based on its best organic quality. One should take 1 capsule daily.

10. Best gluten free: Pure Encapsulation

Pure Encapsulation is one of superlative gluten free zinc supplements. It is digestible as well as easy to absorb. On should acquire just 1 capsule to take 30 mg of zinc.

Selection of zinc supplements

Excessive intake of zinc has an adverse effect on our immune system as it lessens copper and cholesterol levels in the body. We should select highly rated products in the market certified by NSF international or underwriter labs. Our body is happy with just 15-30 mg of zinc per day. Therefore, we should opt zinc supplements according to body requirements.


Zinc is really an important mineral for our body. We cannot meet its fulfilment by meal, therefore we should take zinc supplements to fulfil our body needs.

Cover Photo by Artem Podrez

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