Recently, ZOOM officials claimed in the official meeting that a free version of this video calling app is not secured with end to end encryption. 

They said that we recommend to the small business owners. That they don’t share their business details on ZOOM ap. By mentioning the recent spam occur with one of the business company. Where hackers steal their important business details and blackmail them that if they want to back their business files. They must deal with them of $150000.

These days, all over the world and especially in Pakistan. All the universities transform their school system into an online platform and ZOOM is one of them. And infographics show that ZOOM is highly used by most official companies, used the free version.

This can cause great trouble for them. This is one of the most frightening news trending today on Social Media.

To resolve this issue. ZOOM officials recommend to all business high official regulatory bodies. To use the ZOOM paid version which has end to end video encryption for safe video calling. 

They mentioned that it is better to secure themselves before you are trapped by serious trouble. ZOOM officials also claimed that they have received a lot of messages from its users daily. That they lost most of their data files, and please help us to back those files.

But ZOOM officials said that we are helpless to recover their data, as they think maybe it is a spam. They said that they are only responding to law enforcement regulatory bodies for which they are 100% assured.


In my opinion, to avoid big trouble in the near future. We must secure ourselves by using the paid version of the ZOOM video calling app. And here I will also mention that its ZOOM’s higher officials’ responsibility to tell their users. About this free version problem. They mentioned the problem after a very long time and that’s not a way.

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