In our daily routine work, we are used to say many lies, which we mostly say with ourselves, just for the sake of our satisfaction. 

Researchers say that we are helpless about that. According to them, we do it, to prepare ourselves against our daily routine challenges. 

They say that by doing this we can develop the courage to cope with the stressful condition.

According to the news reports on “Why we mostly tell a lie with ourselves?” shows that as a man reaches his high ranks in any Industry, it is observed that he tells more lies with himself to treat critical things appropriately. 

For Example, We observe that when two mangers of a company try to deal with something, they accept all the agreements with Fake Smile, without showing that they have a lot of questions for some terms and conditions within the dealings. 

The reason behind that they think about the long term goals of the company only by telling a lie about their emotions to their client.

In the tech industry, the satisfaction of a person is the top priority. Because if he does not satisfy then he will face a lot of problems in each step of his work.

 For Example, A man has programmed something and it is not functioned properly, he used to say “Don’t be panic, everything is fine”. This is his first lie, which motivates him to struggle harder than before.

Some most senior researchers said that “Our heart is coward, we must make it stupid, then we can achieve our big goal”.

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