In past years TikTok has a lot of fame all over the world. This entertainment video making app has about 800m active users.

Recently TikTok introduces a new feature in its app which is gained popularity within hours, named ALT TikTok. Now many users of TikTok are unfamiliar to this new feature of TikTok and most of them confused about it.

The reason for the confusion is that there is no clear difference between ALT TikTok and Straight TikTok. Now actually TikTok categorized its app in two subcategories according to the interest of its users.

Two sub-categories are named as:

  • ALT TikTok
  • Straight TikTok

Features of ALT TikTok

  • ALT TikTok has a “FOR YOU” Page in this new feature app.
  • This “FOR YOU” Page has a video playlist feature.
  • Also, there is another amazing feature in ALT TikTok, which is ALT TikTok Quiz, according to this feature, users provide their quiz to TikTok on random videos by express their reactions.
  • Alt TikTok is also based on humor and response of people on general videos.
  • Features of Straight TikTok
  • Straight TikTok shows us trending videos and it is common for all users.
  • Also, Straight TikTok not offering you sexuality-based videos.

How you find out that you are ALT TikToker or not?

A very easy and simple way of finding is by taking ALT TikTok Quiz. This quiz has also provided feedback on user’s reactions to TikTok trends, helps a lot to TikTok to set TikTok Trends of the day.

ALT TikTokOK, Google Form purpose?

Since TikTok introduces ALT TikTok, Google form is trending hashtag on TikTok. People are confused about what is its main purpose? Its main purpose is to find the interest of users, by getting their remarks through surveys.

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